Cilician Armenian Coins for Sale: Gosdantin I-III (Constantine I-III), 1298 – 1363 AD

Gosdantin I, the younger brother of Hetoum II, initially took his brother's side against the usurper Smpad. Gosdantin later captured the city of Sis and declared himself king, apparently with the support of Smpad. Hetoum, partially blinded by Smpad, marched against both rebels and quickly defeated them. Both were exiled to Constantinople. Gosdantin struck some of the rarest coins of Cilician Armenia.

RARE! Gosdantin IV, 1365-1373 AD. Silver takvorin, Sis mint. King on horseback, riding right, holding reins and long mace over shoulder. Armenian inscription "Gosdantin King" / Lion walking right, long cross behind. "Struck in the City of Sis". 19 mm. #2124: $255 SOLD

Copper Pogh. obv: King standing facing, holding sword and cross.|rev: Ornate cross. 23mm, 2.07 g. Nercessian ACV 418. Near VF, some deposits. #ACGosd134: $395 SOLD

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