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Urartu (also known as Urartian Biainili)
The early kingdom of Armenia, Urartu (Assyrian for Ararat) was located in the Armenian Highlands, near Lake Van (now Turkey). from 860 -- 585 BC.

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Urartu, early Armenia, c. 8th - 7th Century BC. A trio of Urartu bronze ear/nose rings. Of heavy solid construction with nice patination, largest 28 x 25 mm. A very interesting and rare grouping! ex-Los Angeles, CA private collection. #AP2416G1: $299

Amazing heavy Urartian bronze bracelet with lion-headed terminals, 8th - 7th Century BC. Of thick and substantial construction, the terminals wide and flat, with nice style. Intact with areas of thick encrustation. Measures 4 1/4" (10.8 cm) diameter. Reference: Filiz Ozdem, ed. Urartu: War and Aesthetics, pp. 167 - 174 for similar types. Ex old English collection. #urartu1210100: $525 SOLD

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Exceedingly rae ancient Urartian bronze artifact. It is crafted in the form of a gryphon (griffin), and once adorned the hilt of an ancient sword or dagger. It measures 35 mm (1 1/2 inches) tall by 30 mm (1 1/8 inches) wide. Beautiful deep green patina... an amazing piece with lots of character! #Urartu076: $575 SOLD

Urartu, early 1st Millennium BC. Great serpentine decorative applique in the form of a lion's head. Nicely carved with good style and detail. L: 23mm. Ex J. L. Malter Collection. #AP2001: $425 SOLD