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Artaxiad Dynasty:

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Artaxiad (Artashesian) Dynasty:

Cilician / Medieval Armenian Kings:

Hetoum II (Hethum II), 1289 - 1307 AD

Levon III (Leo III), 1301 - 1307 AD

Ancient Armenian Artifacts

Medieval Armenia. Cilician Period, c. 1198 - 1375 AD. Fantastic and large bronze long-bow arrowhead. Two barbed blades with raised central midriff and long squared tang. 79 mm (3 1/8") long! Olive-green patina with earthen deposits. Still very sharp! Extremely rare. #WP2030: $299
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Featured Armenian Coins

Cilician Armenia. King Hetoum I, 1226-1270 AD. Bronze Equestrian Kardez - BROCKAGE. Hetoum on horseback riding right, head facing / Relief of obverse on back, made when the coin was accidentally struck on top of another coin! 25 mm, 5.12 g. ref: AC 361. VF, dark green-brown patina. ex-Aram Manasaryan Collection; ex-CNG. Quite unusual. #CA2036: $199

Cilician Armenia. Hetoum II, reigned 1289-1293, 1295-1296, and 1301-1305 AD. Billon Denier. Crowned facing bust, inscription "Hetoum King" / Byzantine cross; star to lower left, crescent to lower right, "of All the Armenians". AC 396 var. (rev. legend); 16 mm, 0.65 g. ref: CCA 1575, AC 396v. Near VF. ex-Aram Manasaryan Collection; ex-CNG. Rare. #CA2037: $225 SOLD
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Armenian Coins and Their Values
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Armenia, 1st century AD. Bronze coin. Four-pointed Armenian tiara left; Delta to left, comet star to right / Horse standing right. ref: AC 244; Saryan p. 112. 22 mm, 9.76 g. VF, dark red-brown surfaces, minor roughness. From the R.A. Collection. Ex Classical Numismatic Group XXVII (29 September 1993), lot 35. RARE! #GVCA2045: $299 SOLD

Kings of Sophene. Arsames II. Circa 230 BC. AE (17 mm, 4.09 g). Diademed and draped bust right, wearing flat-topped tiara / Piloi of the Dioskouroi. ref: Nercessian, Coinage 8; AC 9. VF, green patina, flan flaw on the obverse. ex-Aram Manasaryan Collection; ex-CNG. Extremely rare. #YCA2041: $1950 SOLD

Kings of Commagene. Mithradates I Kallinikos. Circa 96-70 BC. Bronze chalcus. Draped bust left, wearing tiara / Club within wreath. ref: AC 193. 19 mm, 4.73 g. Fine, dark green-brown patina. ex-Aram Manasaryan Collection; ex-Classical Numismatic Group Electronic Auction 284, lot 90. #YCA2043: $150 SOLD

Kings of Commagene. Mithradates I Kallinikos. Circa 96-70 BC. Bronze chalcus. Head right, wearing tiara / Athena standing left, holding spear and round shield. ref: Bedoukian, Coinage 20, AC 187. 19 mm, 6.32 g. Near VF, dark green patina. ex-Aram Manasaryan Collection; ex-CNG. Rare! #YCA2042: $225 SOLD

Cilician Armenia. Royal. Levon I, 1198-1219 AD. Large bronze Tank. Crowned Bearded leonine head of king Levon facing slightly right, Armenian inscription: "+ Levon King of the Armenians." / Jeweled Patriarchal cross with NO STARS. Armenian inscription: "+ Struck in the City of Sis". 32mm, 9.21 g. Cf. AC 300-13 (with stars flanking cross, no known reference for this variant!). VF, dark glossy green-brown patina. ex-CNG. Extremely rare variety! #YCA2121: SOLD

Commagene, ancient Armenia, c. 31 BC - 38 AD. Bronze Chalcus. Lion waling right / Tyche seated right, holding palm-branch; CAMOCATW POLEWC. ref: ACV-240, RPC-3850. 20 mm, 7.32 grams and very thick! Dark olive-green patina, light earthen deposits around edge. ex-old Los Angeles, CA collection. #CP2141: $125 SOLD